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What level of security can I expect from my website?

Hosting & maintenance

It’s a great question and an important one. As part of our onboarding process, we’ll share best practices for your business to keep things secure internally. Your WordPress login will be protected with two factor authentication. We also use several layers of security to protect your website from hackers and malicious files. Cloudflare is used to mitigate any large-scale attacks and blocking any unwanted traffic from countries that you don’t serve. Multiple firewalls on your server further protect your website. We’ll remove any compromised files at no additional charge.

Why do you offer maintenance if I can turn on auto-updates?

Hosting & maintenance

We strongly advise against turning on auto-updates because there’s no telling if an update will fail, ultimately breaking your website. Updates are just a small part of our maintenance service. We perform daily, weekly and monthly tasks such as routine backups, security scans, vulnerability patching, optimising the database, removing malware, blocking bad bots and a lot more. We’ll know if something goes wrong with your website and step in to fix it, often without you realising. The service is comprehensive.

Can you host my website?

Hosting & maintenance

Yes, absolutely. Our hosting solutions are among the fastest in the industry, outperforming the mainstream providers. As a result, your customers will have a better experience visiting your website because it loads really quickly. Our hosting includes hourly backups with regular updates and robust security.

Can you host my business emails?


Providing email services would distract us from our main focus, which is WordPress. Our business email solution is Google Workspace and we recommend it. Office 365 is another great solution. We can refer you to one of our partners if you need help migrating your email services.

Can I get WPForge’s super-fast hosting without maintenance or support?

Hosting & maintenance

Although we understand why some people might want this, we do not offer it. We’d be happy to walk you through setting up the same hosting solution that you can manage yourself. Reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll tell you how.

Do I need managed WordPress services?


It depends on whether you want to manage your WordPress website yourself and how distracting it can be. In general, businesses delegate responsibilities outside of their expertise so they’re handled properly. The same applies to WordPress websites. An all-in-one managed WordPress service for a fixed monthly price can be appealing. If it sounds like something you might need, check out our fully managed WordPress service.

Why WPForge?


Our specialty at WPForge is WordPress, and we do it really well. Under one roof, you’ll have access to all the WordPress services you need, so you don’t have to look elsewhere. We have friendly, quick-response experts who understand how to solve problems and give great advice. To have this level of peace of mind is a great comfort.

Where will my hosting will be located?

Hosting & maintenance

Generally, you should host your website closest to your customers so it loads quickly. Let us know where your customers are located, and we’ll host your website closest to them. We have a smart solution for serving international customers as well!

High-performance WordPress hosting will keep your customers happy. Letting us manage your website enables you to spend more time on your business. Get started risk-free today! Book a demo.
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