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360° speed optimisation.

Optimisation from top to bottom is necessary for superior results. Not just the WordPress site, but everything your customers interact with has to be optimised. It includes responding to your domain name as quickly as possible, ensuring the server's resources are maximised, and loading your website data in a way that gets it to customers as fast as possible.
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DNS-level optimisation
Super-fast DNS for snappy data retrieval. We block illegitimate traffic before they reach your servers.
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Server-level optimisation
Server-level optimization boosts response times by removing server-level data processing bottlenecks.
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App-level optimisation
WordPress itself would be optimised along with any core, theme, and plugin performance improvements.
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Asset offloading and CDN
Optimise media and files in the cloud and distribute them to servers that are closest to customers.

Deep WordPress speed optimisation.

WordPress uses PHP and MySQL to generate static or dynamic HTML pages, which can be styled using CSS. Custom functionality is often achieved with PHP, JQuery and JavaScript. Your WordPress website can load slowly if these things are not properly optimised. We have a team of experts who know these programming languages, so we can handle them effectively to drastically reduce loading times.

Why is speed optimisation important?

According to Google, if a page loads longer than 3-5 seconds, the probability of a visitor abandoning a website increases by 90%. In 2024, a load time of less than 3 seconds is extremely important, particularly for those who use mobile devices.
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The faster the website loads, the more likely it is for the business to engage with the audience at the earliest opportunity, resulting in an increase in conversions. As marketers say, the first 3 seconds matter when it comes to brand engagement.

Additionally, when your website loads quickly, it is more appealing to search engines, helping you rank better than the competition. This can be achieved through a combination of high performance hosting and speed optimisation.

Complete WordPress optimisation services.

As experienced WordPress developers, our optimisation specialists provide the highest quality services.

  • Yellow check Manual-first approach
  • Yellow check Maximising Core Web Vitals scores
  • Yellow check Script concatenation and minification
  • Yellow check Asyncing and deferring of scripts
  • Yellow check Above-the-fold critical path CSS
  • Yellow check Deliver assets over CDN
  • Yellow check Image compression and optimisation
  • Yellow check Device-aware image resizing
  • Yellow check Database cleaning and optimisation
  • Yellow check Offloading of assets into cloud
  • Yellow check Block illegitimate traffic
  • Yellow check Tuneable PHP workers
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High-performance WordPress hosting will keep your customers happy. Letting us manage your website enables you to spend more time on your business. Get started risk-free today! Book a demo.
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